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Curtis John McRae


Curtis John McRae’s (he/him) debut short story collection, Quietly, Loving Everyone, is forthcoming (Véhicule Press). His fiction has appeared in The New Quarterly, Prairie Fire, Chronicling the Days anthology (Guernica Editions, 2021), and others. He won the 2021/22 David McKeen Award and was a finalist in the 2019 Quebec Writers' Federation contest for emerging young writers. Curtis sits on the board of directors for the Quebec Writers Federation, teaches English literature at John Abbott College, and serves as an Editorial Intern at Dzanc Books. A Concordia University fellowship recipient, he holds an MA in Creative Writing.
(Photo By Matthew Khalili)

Pamela Hensley

Managing Editor

Pamela Hensley (she/her) is a Montreal-based writer and creator of the podcast How I Wrote This. Her fiction has appeared in the Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology, The Montreal Review, The Antigonish Review, The Dalhousie Review, EVENT MagazineThe New Quarterly, and elsewhere. She is a member of the boards of the English Language Arts Network and the Quebec Writers’ Federation. Previously she worked as an automotive engineer and management consultant in Germany, Japan, the US, and Canada.

Jeremy Audet

Non-Fiction Editor & Communications Manager

Jeremy Audet (he/him) was raised in Saudi Arabia, Sweden, and Canada. He is recipient of a SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship Master’s Grant (2024) and the President’s Research Scholarship from the University of Victoria, and, from Bishop's University where he holds a B.A. Hons. in Literature, the Shauna Murray Memorial Prize in English and the Golden Mitre Award. His work has appeared in various journals and was shortlisted for The Malahat Review Long Poem Prize (2023).

Mitra Thompson

Fiction Editor

Mitra Thompson (she/her) is a writer, editor and researcher. Her work has been published by the Oxford University Press, Global News, Le Figaro and AFP. Mitra was a 2018 mentee in the Quebec Writers Federation Mentorship Program, and is working on her first novel. She lives in Montreal, where she can often be found poking her nose into places where visitors aren’t welcome, exploring the tales within.

Sariah Hossain

Assistant Fiction Editor & Copy Editor

Sariah Hossain (she/her) is a writer and editor currently residing in Montreal and pursuing degrees in English Literature and Psychology at McGill University. She has roots in California and Canada, born in Ottawa but spending her formative years in San Diego, where the saltwater air dizzied her, and so Montreal called her back. Her background is in journalism and publishing, writing and editing extensively for award-winning publications like The Tower and the Stanford Daily. Dreams of following Joan Didion’s trajectory from journalistic writing to creative prose have led her now to yolk.

Ennie Gloom

Poetry Editor

Ennie Gloom (she/her) is a writer somewhat-from and currently residing in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal. Her poetry has been featured in Soliloquies Anthology, Headlight Anthology, Crab Apple Literary, and, prior to her infiltration into their system, in yolk. Ennie is currently completing a MA in English Literature and Creative Writing at Concordia University and is working on her first book of poetry. Unhappy that she is, she cannot heave her heart into her mouth.

Bronwyn Garden-Smith

Assistant Poetry Editor & Copy Editor

Bronwyn Garden-Smith is a writer from Stratford, Ontario who now calls Tiohtià:ke/Montréal home. She holds a Hons. BSc from the University of Toronto, where she founded an undergraduate journal called ROVE. You can find her fiction and poetry in carte blanche, Soliloquies, Goose, Acta Victoriana, Hardwire, Garbage Day, and more. She loves vanity license plates, reading on the subway, and music in unusual time signatures. She hopes one day she'll make it on the Wikipedia list of notable Bronwyns.

Arusha Bruns

Visual Arts Editor

Arusha Bruns (she/her) is a Montreal-based multi-disciplinary artist raised in British Columbia. Arusha has worked closely within the Montreal art community in collaboration with local band “Les Shirley”. In addition, she has been featured in LBRNTH and My Friend Frankie publications among other projects. Arusha has always had a passion for volunteer work within the arts sector and she continues to contribute her time and dedication to the arts community for organizations such as KickDrum, La Chapelle Performance Art Theatre, and yolk. During her spare time Arusha pursues her love for writing poetry, music and photography.

Paige LaPierre

Funding Manager

Paige LaPierre, born and raised in Montreal, has a thorough history working in the non-profit sector. She holds a BA from Bishop’s University, where she majored in Sociology and minored in English Literature, and an MA from McGill in International Development. Paige has been raising funds since the age of 6, gathering change at her lemonade stand for various charities. She has worked at the Douglas Foundation, Skateboards for Hope and Catalyste+ in proposal development and grant making. In her spare time, she can usually be found doing two of favourite things: reading, or reconnecting with Mother Earth and uncovering her many hidden secrets.

Olivia Nitti

Outreach Manager & Communications Coordinator

Olivia Nitti (she/her) studied English Literature and Russian Culture at McGill University. Ever since her family left Halifax for Toronto when she was four, Olivia dreams only of the fiddle and spearheading the next urban folk revival. She spent the summer interning with the Bolshoi Ballet Acadamy where she learned the undeniable prevalence of both Stravinsky and Aronofsky. She is currently enjoying a nomadic postgrad lifestyle, and discovering the Sci-Fi genre with the help of Jodie Foster.

Christie Martin

Events Manager

Christie Martin, originally from Toronto and now living in Montreal, entered into the world of publishing in 2021. Specializing in Marketing and Event Management, they have worked with Canadian Scholars’ and Women’s Press, the Literary Press Group of Canada, and Brick Books. They are an active member of the Awards Gala Committee at the Quebec Writers' Federation. With a versatile background in event planning, spanning from performance art to academic conferences, Christie currently serves as the Events Manager at yolk.

Caitlin Aboud

Web & Print Designer

Caitlin Aboud is a Montreal born artist who currently lives in Squamish, BC. While maintaining unique ideas and creativity across all her projects, her work varies from custom illustrations to web design. Her continued desire to learn has fuelled her growth as a designer. She is self-taught in web design, in HTML & CSS, in UI/UX design, and in how to run large-scale music/art events. In her free time, she often finds herself researching current design topics, such as inclusive design and visual trends.

Associate Editors

Fiction: Current: Carrie Lynn Hatland, Paz O’Farrell, Natalka Proszak
Former: Ceilidh Michelle, Pamela Hensley, Olivia Nitti, Inuya Schultz
Poetry: Current: Kat Mulligan, Bridget Huh, Keytleen Alba Rodríguez
Former: Alana Dunlop, Jess Tran, Jade Palmer, Sabrina Papandrea, Willow Loveday Little
Non-Fiction: Current: Emmie Nicholson, Ellie Mota, Christie Martin, Olivia Nitti
Visual Arts: Essie Soma, Jake Bowen, Morgan Gordon

Editors Emeritus

Josh Quirion (Editor-in-Chief)
Alexandre Marceau (Fiction Editor)
Chelsea Moore (Managing Editor)
Sean Lee (Communications Manager)
Sarah Manuszak (Copy Editor)
Sarah Desrosiers-Legault (Poetry Editor)
Spencer Nafekh (Non-Fiction Editor)
Sean Smallwood, Sarah Piché (Visual Arts Editors)

Founding Members

Alexandre Marceau
Curtis John McRae
Josh Quirion
Sean Lee
Clare Chodos-Irvine
Spencer Nafekh